EyeCandy is a portable, browser based game that you control with only your eye movement. The game uses the webcam eye-tracking library WebGazer.js to estimate gaze location to imitate what telekinesis could feel like.
The game is an exercise of taking an abstract idea, in this case the feeling of telekinesis, and putting it into a tangible form that communicates that idea clearly. 
By giving the objects in the game, and the gaze location mass, the physics simulation will create a gravitational pull between the objects and the users gaze, the player will concentrate to move their gaze close to, but not directly on top of the objects they want to interact with, controlling them by almost thinking about where they want the objects to go, rather than thinking about the ojbect itself, giving the illusion that they have a sort of foresight - controlling objects with their minds - telekinesis.
For this project we placed intentional limitations on ourselves, limiting ourselves to a webcam based eyetracking software rather than dedicated hardware, and to make the game to be run entirely in a browser-environment, without needing to download anything.  
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